What kinds of photo booths do you rent?
Booth Nashville offers simple, modern, iPad-powered photo booths. They’re not the big, clunky booths you see at arcades and movie theaters! They’re light, portable and sophisticated. Our booths are made up of an iPad in a sturdy, metal enclosure surrounded by a glowing ring light. The iPad and light sit on an elegant, black light stand. 

Is a photo booth right for my event?
Booth Nashville’s photo booths are perfect any type of event. We’ve supplied booths for weddings, holiday parties, concerts, school events, fundraisers, music tours, corporate events, birthdays, galas, lunches, etc. As long as you have a group of people, our booths are the perfect addition to your event!

What do I need to provide?
Once the rental agreement is signed, just provide a safe environment, access to a three-pronged plug and wi-fi. We’ll do the rest!

How much space does the booth need? 

Our booths are very compact and fit in almost any space. The booth’s footprint is approximately 4′x 4′. We’ve placed booths in the lobby of large concert halls and intimate wedding venues. And unlike larger setups, our booths can be raised and lowered to fit any ceiling height.

Do you provide backdrops and props? 
We’ve found that most clients prefer to source their own backdrops and props that perfectly match their event. That said, we’ve helped plenty of clients source or build the perfect photo booth environment. If you’d like our help creating a unique setting, shoot us an email at hello@boothnashville.com.

How are the photos taken?
Nobody wants a random a booth attendant hanging around their event, so we offer iPad-powered booths that are 100% self service. The iPad screen displays a large START button. Once pressed, your guests have four seconds to strike the perfect pose! If they love their photo, they’re done. If some blinked, just press RETAKE and give it another go!

Do you offer on-site printing?
We do not offer on-site printing. While testing various photo booths, we found printers to be a regular source of complexity. They jam, run out of ink or paper or simply stop working. Instead, we allow your photos to be saved and/or shared via Facebook, Twitter, email and text immediately!

Do you offer photo albums or photo books?
We leave printing to the pros. We have partnerships with some amazing print, album and book vendors. These vendors spend 100% of their time focused on creating beautiful keepsakes from your photos. Event booth rental includes discount codes for prints, albums and books from multiple vendors. Just pick the one that’s right for your, and order to your heart’s content! 

How do guests view their photos? 
There are a number of ways to view and retrieve your photos. They can be saved, shared on Facebook and Twitter, emailed, send in a text message. We’ve also partnered with Ceremony, a private photo sharing app for weddings and events. If you choose to sync your photo booth with a Ceremony feed, you can stream every booth photo on any internet-enabled screen. You and your guests can view all of the photos in real time and order prints directly from Ceremony.  

Is there a limit to number of photos and prints?
No way! Take as many photos as you’d like. Keep the ones you love.

Can guests post their photos on social media?
Yes! Booth photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Ceremony, or by email or text right from the Ceremony app!

What areas do your serve?
Booth Nashville will deliver photo booths in the greater Nashville area. We also work with a number of music tours and festivals (it’s Music City, right) and are quite good at arranging delivery anywhere in the country. 

Do your booths work at outdoor events?
We work anywhere! That said, the booths are not waterproof and require stable ground, power and wi-fi. Outdoor weddings, parties and events are perfect! Placing a booth in the middle of a field doesn’t work quite as well. If you have a unique setting or location, shoot us a note and we’ll work it out.

How long does it take to set up and break down?
This is where Booth Nashville really shines. Our booths take about 15 minutes to set up and take down. We’ll be out of your hair in no time!

Do you offer non-profit discounts, custom pricing and extended rentals?
Absolutely! Non-profit organizations and schools receive a 20% discount on all rentals. And we have created custom pricing for frequent and long-term renters. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll work to make it happen!